+30 Best Short Pixie Haircuts in 2023

 A haircut that’s short always feels like a brand new start However, the 2023 short-hair styles aren’t new. This year’s fashions will focus on nostalgia , that means there’s something for anyone. If you’ve always wanted the neon sheen of 1980s, you’ll be thrilled to see shags with short cuts and curly fringes appear on … Read more

20+ Trendiest Pixie Cuts for Spring 2023

  Pixie cuts come in all shapes, colors, and lengths. Finding the right one to fit your personality, hair type, and lifestyle can be challenging. So before you take the pixie leap, please read the essential tips and advice I share with my clients considering a pixie. Then, check out this pixie haircut gallery I’ve … Read more

22 Trendiest Short Pixie Ideas Right Now

  Trendy very short pixie haircuts are versatile cropped styles for women of all ages. The length varies from ear to jaw-grazing cuts. Whether you like it sleek or tousled, pixies flaunt confidence and elegance. Stephanie Burt, a hairstylist at Haus of Flint Salon in Draper, Utah, classifies a pixie cut as cute and low-maintenance. … Read more

Top 25 Layered Curly Hair Ideas for 2024

Redirection en HTML   Layered curly hair is a hairstyle for curly-haired women who want the illusion of length and volume, without too much bulk. Adding layers to naturally curly hair shapes your hair while promoting definition. Layering curly hair adds texture and creates movement throughout the curls. Layered haircuts for curly hair works with … Read more

18 Shag Haircuts for Women Over 60 to Look and Feel Younger

Redirection en HTML   Shag haircuts for women over 60 create heavily layered and textured styles. This allows the hair to appear more voluminous with a flattering body to suit any face shape. Hairstylist Lindsay Zinger from Tampa, FL specializes in shag using plier razors. According to Zinger, the biggest benefit of this cut is it demands … Read more

Trendy short hairstyles for women over 50

There’s a variety of hairstyles for women over 60 with grey hair that are low-maintenance and youthful-looking. It can be a long or short-length cut and must suit one’s face shape. The right hairstyle offers confidence while making sure the hair is manageable. Depending on its actual color, it may also provide a whole new … Read more

25+ Chic Short Layered Bob with Bangs for an Eye-Catching Crop

  A short layered bob with bangs has pieces stacked around the head for added texture and volume. It’s customizable to accentuate facial features and suits women of any age. Independent stylist Alaina Walker from Denton, TX shares her golden rule on this gem. “Take your natural hair texture into consideration,” she states. Women’s tresses are nonidentical. … Read more