22 Trendiest Short Pixie Ideas Right Now


Trendy very short pixie haircuts are versatile cropped styles for women of all ages. The length varies from ear to jaw-grazing cuts. Whether you like it sleek or tousled, pixies flaunt confidence and elegance.

Stephanie Burt, a hairstylist at Haus of Flint Salon in Draper, Utah, classifies a pixie cut as cute and low-maintenance. “It’s a chic get-up-and-go style that can be neatly done or disheveled. It even looks awesome if you do nothing at all with it,” Burt describes.

For ladies thinking of getting a big chop, Burt suggests considering your face and head shape. Short pixies are suitable for “anyone with a nice long neckline and a perfect curvy head,” she states. Pixies appear effortless on women with heart-shaped faces, too.

Keeping the nape neat and tapered creates a sleek edge on your neck and cheekbones. Consider your hairline, if not done well, the fringe won’t lay right, and a cowlick appears. Visiting the salon every 4-5 weeks is requisite to maintain the shape.

Look here for images of popular very short pixie haircuts. You need to show these photos to your stylist!


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