25 pixie cut ideas for a messy and trendy look for 2023

A trendy textured pixie cut is a short-length chop, flattering most women’s face shapes. It adopts an array of looks from chic and flirty to the androgynous kind. Missouri-based stylist Janet Biggers points out how versatile a pixie cut is. “It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight or curly; you can still rock a pixie,” she says. “Though … Read more

Top 25 Layered Curly Hair Ideas for 2024

Redirection en HTML   Layered curly hair is a hairstyle for curly-haired women who want the illusion of length and volume, without too much bulk. Adding layers to naturally curly hair shapes your hair while promoting definition. Layering curly hair adds texture and creates movement throughout the curls. Layered haircuts for curly hair works with … Read more