25 pixie cut ideas for a messy and trendy look for 2023

A trendy textured pixie cut is a short-length chop, flattering most women’s face shapes. It adopts an array of looks from chic and flirty to the androgynous kind.

Missouri-based stylist Janet Biggers points out how versatile a pixie cut is. “It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight or curly; you can still rock a pixie,” she says. “Though it works on a lot of hair types, this cut is ideal on fine to medium hair density.”

Sometimes, thick hair can be hard to maneuver with a shorter style. But if you have coarse hair and want a pixie, Biggers explains, “You’ll need a lot of texturing done to your locks, then leave it long enough to be able to use hot tools to help smooth it more.”

Styling a pixie is quick and easy. “For a longer cut, I use Bedroom.Hair, a texturizing spray that offers strong hold, volume, and texture,” she says. “For shorter chops, I use Night.Rider. It’s a molding paste that offers control and texture when styling with good holding power.”

To maintain the cut’s shape, trimming every 4-6 weeks is vital and washing the hair with shampoo daily is not ideal.

Before your next salon appointment, browse these photos of popular textured pixie cut hairstyle and haircut ideas. You’ll love each suggestion.


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