18 Shag Haircuts for Women Over 60 to Look and Feel Younger

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Shag haircuts for women over 60 create heavily layered and textured styles. This allows the hair to appear more voluminous with a flattering body to suit any face shape.

Hairstylist Lindsay Zinger from Tampa, FL specializes in shag using plier razors. According to Zinger, the biggest benefit of this cut is it demands minimal styling.

“The shag makes a bedhead look good. So, you can sleep in and enjoy not having to style your hair so much,” Zinger points out.

There are variations of shags that older women must know about if considering this look.

A modern shag is made with curtain bangs and beach waves, and this chop is cute but requires more styling. There’s also the traditional shag, which exhibits a rocker style and is a wash-and-wear type.

“The classic shag has hair that lays in front of the ears. Those are the strands that are left down when you put your tresses up in a ponytail, and that is the best part,” says Zinger.

Gray or silver hair comes with different textures. The top layers may look frizzy if the hair isn’t cut correctly. Make sure you find a shag specialist that you can consult with.

Feel free to find pictures to show your hairstylist. Tell them what you like about the style. Trust them and be open to suggestions.

Look 10 years younger with these trendy shag haircuts for women over 60. Check out these images for more hair ideas!

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