25 Short Choppy Haircuts Women in Their 70s Can Pull-Off

Short choppy haircuts for women over 70 feature tons of textured layers and jagged ends. The length strengthens the cut’s perimeter, benefiting thin, fine hair the most.

“A short choppy cut instantly adds volume and body,” says California-based stylist Suji Kim. “The layers create softness, movement, and texture for a youthful appearance. These encourage natural texture to soften up ladies’ facial features,” she adds.

Suitability is key for any haircut. Let your stylist assess your hair texture, density, growth pattern, facial features, and body proportions. Even your personality and lifestyle are vital aspects to consider.

These will all be the bases of what length, shape, and cut techniques are best for you. Take note that without the consultation, the result could go horribly wrong.

For instance, a short-length chop isn’t a great option if you have cowlicks. Your hairline won’t lay properly and may only distort the cut’s shape. Hence, Kim suggests “leaving the length longer to control the aggressive growth pattern.”

Once you’ve decided what chop to get, it’s paramount to learn about the proper styling of your tresses. Ask your stylist what tools and products to use, depending on your hair type. Discuss the techniques on how to recreate the final look.

Before arranging your next salon appointment, check out these inspirational photos first! Find the most flattering short choppy haircuts for women over 70 right here!

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