20 Short, Stacked Pixie Bob Haircuts for a Cute and Sassy Look





A pixie short stacked bob is a modern haircut between a very short crop and a neck-length bob. Layers are cut short in the back to create a fuller and voluminous effect. If you love versatile chop that’s easy to maintain, read on!

Stylist Chloe Anan of Saint Augustine, FL, reveals the perks of this short-length cut. “The hair amount is drastically reduced, and the cut shows an integral lived-in look,” says Anan.

It’s a plus that there are countless ways to wear a pixie bob that’s stacked. You can go for bangs, face frames, undercuts, asymmetrical ends, and many more options.

“Wear what makes you feel good regardless of your age. Match it with your energy and personality,” says Anan.

Ensure your cut complements your hair texture, density, and bone structure. Some pixies that hug closely to the head may be hard to replicate. Pick what’s conducive to your locks.

Anan warns other stylists not to leave extra bulk around the parietal ridge. “A heavier weight removal in that area can contribute to a more seamless grow-out.”

Another factor is the type of upkeep required for this stacked bob cut. Salon visits every 4-6 weeks are typical, based on how fast your tresses grow.

An edgy chop like this one is worth trying. Here are pictures of the trendiest short, stacked pixie bob haircuts for your inspiration!


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