20+ Best Hairstyles for Older Women in 2023


The best hairstyles for older women are created to enhance volume and still look trendy. Depending on what will flatter your face shape, they can go with layers and bangs.

The key to a well-cultivated hairstyle lies in the person who holds the shears. They must be comfortable with your hair characteristics. Hairstylist and salon owner Nancy Opdahl of San Diego, CA explains why.

According to her, “The right chop will look well with the type of texture and manageability of your locks. It benefits most hair textures, which is the best part.”

Keep in mind that your hairstyle must also complement your features.

Hairlines come in different forms. Leave extra length and texture if your hair is too coarse or if cowlicks exist. These prevent the strands from sticking out.

In some cases, thinning out your hair is necessary. It removes the weight, so it doesn’t look bulky and out of shape.

It’s paramount that your chosen look is manageable for your lifestyle, too. “This will determine how much styling you’re willing to do to maintain it,” says Opdahl.

Regardless of your age, you deserve a fresh look that will boost your confidence. Check out these images of the most popular and stunning hairstyles for older women!


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